Come scegliere la cipria giusta

How to choose the best powder

Whether compact or loose powder, powder is an indispensable ally for completing any makeup.

Applying it is an important step because it perfects the skin, counteracts the shine of the face, fixes the makeup and prolongs its duration in hours.

The choice of powder is therefore based on your skin type, on the format you prefer and on the finish you want to achieve.

How do you choose the right powder? Here is the guide.

Compact powders: suitable for all skin types

Extremely popular for their practicality, the compact powders with mirror are the best choice for those who want a powder on their bag, ideal for retouching makeup even when they are on the road.

Find the right compact powder for the your skin.

A few simple tips to understand how to orient yourself in the choice:

Powder DRAMA MATTE: matting for combination or oily skin

This powder is, in terms of yield, the compact sister of the much loved Hollywood mineral powder.

It is super opaque, white in the wafer and transparent on the face, suitable for those with mixed to very oily skin and dreams of a perfectly opaque skin.

It does not place particular constraints related to the color of the complexion, it can be used indiscriminately by people with pink, neutral and golden undertones.
Since it came out it has entered the heart of many and for many it is now a must have product!

Powder ALABASTER TOUCH: golden for mixed and dry skin

It is a powder that is characterized by a warm and golden color and a very light opacity, functional to the chromatic correction of dull and grayish skin tones.

It uniforms and revives the complexion giving the effect of a luminous and healthy color.

Perfect for fixing the base, adding a touch of color to the face and gently warming the foundation.
Opaque and without drying and is suitable for dry, normal and mixed skin.
By virtue of its component golden, we recommend it with light, medium and dark complexions that need a bit more heat.

Powder VELVET MATTE: rosy for normal and mixed skin

A matting powder with a slight pinkish tinge in the wafer that becomes neutral on the face.

With a soft and velvety finish, it gives the face a splendid bonne mine effect, angelic, and it too can be used by people with pink, neutral or warm undertones.
Excellent for normal, mixed and oily skins.

Powder FLUFFY MATTE: smoothing and dark

Fluffy Matte is the right powder for those who love the most naturalness possible on the face and zero dustiness.

It is delicate, transparent and very fine, to the point of being among the most suitable to be used even in the presence of slight fine lines and in the area around the eyes because it does not mark at all.
It combines a smoothing finish with a soft effect focus on the pores, blending instantly into the skin.
Its color in wafer is neutral and its closest mineral equivalent is the powder "Nude".

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Everything you would like to know about face powder !

Mineral powders: there's plenty of choice!

There's only so much choice:

Powder MATTE: matting for oily skin

Matte powder is a transparent and completely opaque powder to give a porcelain complexion even to oily skin. Its secret is the mineral clay which, besides having deliciously soothing properties, prevents the shiny effect by absorbing excess sebum. Recommended for combination to very oily skins!

Powder HOLLYWOOD: the professional powder that clears pores

Hollywood is the professional powder that clears pores! Created for photo shoots, fashion shows, cinemas and stage lights, it is also ideal for looking better in everyday life. It is made from 100% pure silica: a transparent and impalpable mineral but above all unique for its ability to spread light evenly hiding the inhomogeneity of the surface (obvious pores, skin pads, small wrinkles ...) and the glossy effect . For photoshooting-proof skin, HD cameras and film premieres. The powder to feel like a star!

Powder PERFECT SILKY: satin, also suitable for the eye contour

Very delicate and velvety mineral powder to give the skin a healthy and radiant finish. Ideal to harmonize and soften the features by spreading the light thanks to the slightly satin finish. Its light pink undertone does not alter the natural color of the skin, while adding a healthy note. It is perfect (the name also says it) for every type of skin. Try it also around the eyes to give the eye a fresh and rested light.

Powder NUDE: for dry skin and for the eye contour

Nude powder is the perfect choice in case of dry and demanding skin, but it's also great for fixing products in the eye area! A very light and impalpable powder, with a velvety and perfectly transparent finish, its value is precisely that of "disappearing" on the skin.

Ideal for giving a velvety finish even to the driest skin because it does not contain sebum absorbent minerals.

Powder CANNES: very light, even for dry skin

The powder effect cinema.

HD mineral powder made of special silica with reduced grain size. The impalpable and very light powder dedicated to those who dream of a porcelain skin, minimized pores and refined textures. The low absorbency point makes it optimal even in the cold season and in case of dry skin.

Powder ILLUMINISM: illuminating and fixative also for the eye contour

Delicate and silky, Enlightenment is an impalpable powder that uniforms the complexion by gently illuminating it. To create it we were inspired by the warm and soft light of candles.

Enlightenment is also perfect for:

    • create extremely delicate points of light on the cheekbones, the eyebrow arch, the nose and the forehead
    • revive the eye area
    • fix the cream products without flattening them

Powder SURREAL: natural matte finish

Surreal powder comes from the union of Mica and Silica: l and HD properties of Silica minimize defects, while mica gives a fresh and soft look.

Transparent and light, Surreal spreads light on the face giving a natural and delicate matte finish.

Swatch of mineral powders Neve Cosmetics

How to choose mineral powder.

Depending on the season, a different powder can be used

Our skin is not exactly the same all year round and depending on the different seasons, and how they affect it, different tricks can be useful. For example: