Corso di Armocromia: la Temperatura

Discovering Temperature: an important parameter

Continue our section dedicated to armocromia and, after having talked about the basics of this fascinating discipline and analyzed the value in armocromia, we pass to the second fundamental parameter to understand its own armochromatic season: the temperature .

What is the Temperature in Armocromia?

Nothing to do with the degrees of the thermometer or the weather: the temperature indicates the ability of a person to be valued by the combination of warm colors, warm neutral or cold or neutral cold. This ability is obviously limited to the season it belongs to.

Discovering temperature. Because it is important in armocromia!

We learn to distinguish warm colors and cool colors

  • For warm colors we can define all the shades that have a component of yellow and red (therefore orange) inside, therefore they instinctively recall a sensation of warmth, such as that communicated by the fire of the fireplace .
  • For cool colors we define all those that have a blue component, associated with the cold that arrives at the beginning of the night with the sky darkening, or water off the seas of the north.

    Warm and cold colors, the temperature in armocromia.

    Each color can be warmer or colder depending on the exact shade

    So far the question may seem simple, but it is not so intuitive because in reality every color can have its own hot and cold version : a lavender lilac with a strong blue component is considered cold, while the mauve color that contains less (closer to red and then orange) is considered warm. But it still remains colder than a coral pink that has an even stronger warm component.

    Let's think of turquoise: it comes close to green because it contains some yellow inside and is therefore considered one of the warmest blues, while the celestial baby is certainly cold.

    This means that if a color doesn't look good, its warmer / cooler version could give us a lot, even though it doesn't deviate much from the tone that first enthused us. If, for example, our cold colors wear olive green, here the sage green will be our salvation!

    The difference between warm and cold colors in armocromia.

    How to understand your own temperature

    In armocromy our skin, eye and hair colors define the temperature of our season.

    The warm seasons are Autumn (dark and warm) and Spring (clear and warm), while the cold ones are Winter (dark and cold) and Summer (light and cold) cold).

    Let's take the example of two blonde actresses:

    Amber Heard, blonde, light eyes and clear value (skin, eyes and hair) and another dizzying blonde, the beautiful Sharon Stone, also blonde, light eyes and clear value (skin, eyes and hair )

    The temperature in armocromia: Sharon Stone and Amber Heard

    Yet they have a noticeable difference: the temperature!

    Sharon Stone's colors are cold: ice blue eyes, ash blond hair, Scandinavian complexion while Amber Heard is decidedly warm: blue-green eyes, honey-colored hair, amber skin.

    So Sharon is valued in cold-colored clothing and makeup: blues, shades of blue, Tiffany, strawberry pink, cool white, grays. Hues that, on the contrary, flatten the beautiful Amber.

    Amber is not only enhanced by spring pastel colors (and not summery like Stone), but probably it is an absolute Spring, so it is totally warm, requiring colors like corals, red orange, turquoise, yellow, green lawn ... totally warm. Those same colors that, on the contrary, would weigh down Sharon. Particular attention should be paid to this feature for the chromatic choice of makeup and clothing.

    Armocromia: how to put makeup on based on your own temperature and errors not to be done.

    Other examples of celebrities of clear value but with a different temperature there are


    Belonging to warm and clear seasons like Amber are: Cameron Diaz, Charlize Theron, Marilyn Monroe, Jennifer Lawrence, Angela

    Lansbury, Uma Thurman, Adele.

    Cold and clear as Sharon Stone are: Gwyneth Paltrow, Michelle Pfeiffer, Reese Witherspoon, Cate Blanchett.

    Turn male examples ?

    Jude Law and Brad Pitt for example.

    Jude is a Chiara Primavera while Brad is a Summer Soft Chiara, yet they are both blond with light eyes.

    Do you want a dark example ?

    A beautiful brunette like Jennifer Lopez is different from Maria Grazia Cucinotta.

    Jennifer Lopez is (as we saw in the previous article) warm and deep neutral, while Cucinotta, while sharing depth, is instead cold neutral.

    We hope this article is useful to you and that the distinctions related to the temperature parameter are clearer.

    Article by Giusy de Gori, specialist in armochromatic analysis.

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