Eyeliner fai da te: ecco come creare bellissimi eyeliner colorati!

How to create beautiful colored DIY eyeliner!

The eyeliner is a product loved by all true makeup enthusiasts. There are many ready-to-use colors already available on the market, but if it were also possible to transform your favorite eye shadows into splendid liquid eyeliner ?

This would allow you to have even more colors and varieties available to have fun creating new and sophisticated looks.

Do you think it's not possible? Mistaken. Nothing could be easier! In this article we will explain how.

How to create from only so many colored eyeliner!


    • A package of Dew for makeup mixing medium & eyeshadow base
    • Mineral eyeshadows in loose powder
    • A cup
    • A brush

Creating beautiful liquid eyeliner do from you: here is how.

Finished eyeliner, how to do it? Make it at home with eyeshadow

The process to create colored eyeliner is very simple and takes only 5 minutes of time.

The trick is to make liquid mineral eye shadows, which by their very nature have a very high pigmentation, with the right products.

Here's how:

  • Take an empty cup
  • Turn some of the mineral eyeshadow inside out from which you would like to create a liquid eyeliner
  • Add a few drops of Dew for makeup
  • Take an eyeliner brush and mix the mixture until you get the right consistency, adding a few more drops of makeup dew if you don't get enough liquid right away, or adding a little mineral eye shadow from time to time if it's too liquid
  • You're done! Your liquid eyeliner is created and you just have to apply it.

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    Eyeliner with custom colors

    One of the most noteworthy things about this process lies not only in the possibility of turning eye shadows into liquid eyeliner, but also in the fact that it becomes possible to mix colors and create always different and personalized eyeliner.

    There is no limit to the number of eye shadows you can mix in the cup before applying Dew for makeup and making the powders you've selected liquid. The important thing is that you use the right amount of product by color, without exaggerating.

    Video tutorial for creating DIY eyeliner