Il perfetto trucco illuminante color cioccolato e nocciola

Create the perfect chocolate and hazelnut illuminating makeup

Greedy chocolate and hazelnut tones in a harmonious contrast between shadows and light points are the key to this illuminating eye make-up.

In the following makeup tutorial we will explain how the mineral eye shadows can become real gems for the eyes, enlarge and lengthen the look and make it the absolute protagonist of our look.

The result is a make-up of great impact and beauty, perfect to be shown off even on the most sought-after occasions!

Makeup tutorial to make an illuminating make-up chocolate and hazelnut color

Audrey's Swatch, a bright hazelnut mineral eye shadow


  • Foundation
  • Correction
  • Powder
  • An eyebrow pencil
  • Dew for Makeup mixing medium
  • Audrey mineral eyeshadow
  • Ginger mineral eyeshadow
  • Cremino mineral eyeshadow
  • The Pastel eyes Caramel
  • Charleston mineral eyeshadow
  • Chocoholic pods eyeshadow / bronzer
  • Eye brushes for applying and blending products
  • Mascara
  • Bastet black eyeliner
  • Eye makeup hazel light: the guide to recreate it step by step

    First part: THE BASE

    First make the base with the Star System high-coverage foundation and neutralize any dark circles with the Concealer concealer. Recourse to the concealer may not be necessary considering the already high coverage of this foundation, but it is subjective and depends on how strong your dark circles are.

    Fix the creamy products with the powder you prefer. In our catalog there are many, such as the Nude or the Surreal, very suitable also to be used in this specific area which is more delicate than other parts of the face.

    Define and fill the eyebrows with a pencil (our Manga Brows are perfect for the purpose) or with a colored mascara like the Brow Models, which at the same time color and fix the eyebrows, making them remain perfectly defined even at a distance of hours.

    Swatch of eye shadow shades chocolate brown and hazelnut.

    Swatch of the copper eyeshadow Ginger by Neve Cosmetics

    Second part: THE MAKE-UP OF MAKE-UP

    Here we are finally at the illustration of all the steps necessary to recreate this wonderful makeup. As we often suggest, it is good to start with the transition colors as you progressively intensify to recreate all the shutters, leaving the light points as the last step to complete the look.

    So let's take a gradient brush like our Teal Blending and let's get the Chocoholic wafer color. Gently, apply it under the lower rim and along the entire length of the eye fold, bringing it up to the inner corner. Repeat the process identically for the other eye.

    With the same brush still a little loaded with Chocoholic, go and pick up the Charleston mineral eyeshadow (it is very pigmented and takes a little) and then go to intensify the chocolate brown color by darkening the outer corner of the eye and the outermost part of the lower rhyme.

    The delicious hazelnut and chocolate nuances are created!

    At this point it is necessary to pass to the eyelid. Then go and take the Cremino mineral pigment and, with a precision and flat brush like our Azalea Detail, apply it in the first half of the eyelid, that is starting from the inner corner of the eye and reaching up to about the center of the eye.

    Change the brush (switch to the Azure Shadow) and pigment (it's time to use Ginger) and apply this beautiful coppery mineral eye shadow by putting it from the end of the eyelid to the center of the eye, blending it with Cremino, and again from the end of the eyelid towards the outer tail previously created with Chocoholic and the dark brown of Charleston.

    So let's move on to the lower rim of the eye.

    Take the Caramel eyes pastel and apply it both inside the rhyme and externally, to bead the eye. To further emphasize the color that will be created, take up the Ginger pigment and apply it with light touches over the Caramel Pastel. The result will be incredibly warm and bright.

    Detail illuminating eye makeup created with Neve Cosmetics pigments


    There is little to come to the end of the look and the time has come to define the look with the indispensable Bastet black eyeliner, which you can put either with its applicator, or by helping yourself with a thin brush in case you find yourself more comfortable. In this regard, we suggest our Yellow Liner brush, perfect for this type of use.

    Finally, take Audrey and Rugiada mineral pigment for Makeup mixing medium, which will help you to transform the delicate Audrey hazelnut color into a super bright liquid eyeliner.

    The procedure is very simple: just put a little pigment in Audrey's cap and spill a couple of drops of dew onto it. With a thin-tipped brush (perfect the Pink Define) mix these two components together and go to apply the eyeliner you have created in two lines: the first will be spread from the inner corner of the eye along the crescent, in the point which joins the eyelid with the crease of the eye, and the second line will finally be spread just above where Bastet was previously applied, creating a luminous section adjacent to the black. A double eyeliner!

    To top off this makeup, apply plenty of Occhioni or Lash Academy mascara and you're done.

    Swatch eye shadows brown, hazelnut and chocolate