Idee makeup: il trucco occhi rosa e argento

Makeup ideas: pink and silver eye makeup

If you are looking for some makeup ideas that include the use of shades of pink and silver ... don't miss this makeup tutorial!

The result is a beautiful makeup, delicate and romantic, but at the same time of unquestionable effect.

Idee makeup: pink and silver eye makeup


  • Foundation
  • Correction
  • Powder
  • An eyebrow pencil
  • Dew for Makeup mixing medium
  • Aurora Boreale mineral eyeshadow
  • Diamonds powder mineral eyeshadow
  • Cat Eyes Mineral Eyeshadow
  • Fondant mineral eyeshadow
  • Incense mineral eyeshadow
  • The Candy Sugar mineral eyeshadow
  • The Pastel eyes Crown
  • Eye brushes for applying and blending products
  • Mascara
  • Black eyeliner
  • Pink mineral eyeshadow Neve Cosmetics

    the bright silver eyeshadow diamonds in powder!

    First part: THE BASE

    First make the base with the Star System high-coverage foundation and neutralize any dark circles with the Concealer concealer. Recourse to the concealer may not be necessary considering the already high coverage of this foundation, but it is subjective and depends on how strong your dark circles are.

    Fix the creamy products with the powder you prefer. In our catalog there are many, very fine-grained and therefore also suitable for use in this specific area, more delicate than other parts of the face.

    Define and fill in the eyebrows with a pencil or colored mascara and eyebrow fixer.

    Pink eye makeup and silver: the right products to make it

    Second part: THE MAKE-UP OF MAKE-UP

    Once the base has been made, which will allow the makeup to adhere well, start by putting some Incense and Fondant powder eye shadows in the lid of a mineral eye shadow, mixing them together.

    Take little pigment at a time with a soft gradient brush, and apply the color obtained along the entire crescent (the fold) of the eye, blending well. We will go on to create the transition shade that will make the makeup harmonious. With another clean brush you go to take very little Eyeshadow Cat's eye shadow (black) and use it to intensify only the outermost part of the previously made shade, in the "V" of the eye.

    Once finished, take the mineral eyeshadow in the Tone Sugar (pink) shade and apply it over the entire mobile eyelid with a flat brush like our Azure Shadow.

    Pink eye makeup and silver: the right products to create it

    To intensify the pink reflections with marvelous luminous glitter, take the Aurora Boreale mineral pigment and apply it in the central part of the eyelid, on top of Zucchero Filato.

    Now let's create the light points and give an extra touch of brightness to this trick. Put one of the eye shadows in an empty cap, a few drops of Dew for Makeup mixing medium and a little of the Diamanti eyeshadow powder. Mixing these two products together, you will get a liquid silver eyeliner that is pure and bright like a diamond. Then take a brush with a thin tip like our Green Detail and, with the help of it, draw a line of silver eyeliner where the eyelid and eye fold meet at the top.

    Apply the black Bastet eyeliner, the Pastel silver Crown eyes inside the eye, in the lower rim, and in the inner corner as illuminating.

    Complete this beautiful look with lots of Occhioni or Lash Academy volumizing mascara.

    Pink eye makeup and silver: a significant example