Burro di cacao: cosa c'è veramente nel burrocacao?

arn all about cocoa butter, the precious ally of the lips

Cocoa butter is a cosmetic ingredient famous for being widely used in lip balms , especially during the winter months and when the coldest temperatures leading to cuts or cracking, in order to protect the labial mucosa. Our Lippini lip butters are the perfect example.
But what is the result and what are the cosmetic properties of this famous ingredient, which finds uses in various fields?
The benefits of organic cocoa butter

How it is produced and how it looks

As can easily be guessed from the name, the cocoa butter (its name in the inci of cosmetics is Theobroma Cacao Seed Butter) is obtained from the seeds of the cocoa plant following a laborious (and expensive) process that involves fermentation, drying and subsequent pressing. The goal is to obtain the fattest part from the seeds to be able to filter and refine them for the optimal use of this precious raw material.
Cocoa butter is rather soft and malleable, it has a cream white / yellowish color and a solid consistency at room temperature . It has its melting point around 35 degrees.

Benefits and beneficial properties of cocoa butter

This delicate butter has a very rich quota of fatty acids and its fame is due to its remarkable properties emollient, nourishing and protective towards epidermis.
Cocoa butter stimulates collagen synthesis, giving tone to the skin, and contains vitamins, polyphenols and flavonoids that give it properties antioxidants. This is a fabulous ally against the premature aging of the face and body and for those dry and mature skins that naturally produce a fragile hydrolipidic film.
The fatty acids contained within it give the epidermis softness and silkiness. In short: an almost magical ingredient!
Cocoa butter in cosmetics: how to use

Cocoa butter for lips and skin

It is obviously also the main ingredient of chocolate!
But thanks to its emollient and protective characteristics and its good tolerability even on very sensitive skins, cocoa butter is widely used in the preparation of masks, face creams, hands, body, lipsticks and lip balms , besides being present in different percentages in many other formulations.
In our catalog we find it as an ingredient of the Gianduiosa body cream and in Lippini lip butters.
Crema Gianduiosa, the body cream based on cocoa butter

In addition to butter: the composition of lip balms

An ingredient so special could only be an important part of the composition of our Lippini , our delicious butters moisturizing and slightly colorful, with sweet and inviting fragrances. Thus, in addition to cocoa butter, we find in their inci (the list of ingredients) also delicate sunflower wax and rich shea butter, which merge into a light nourishing and never sticky paste.