single eyeshadow pans 

Gli Arcobaleni si trasformano

Gli Arcobaleni got a makeover! #Holographic

Packaging / New durable yet lightweight packaging, with a smart magnetic closure.

Light / Holographic lilac color-shifting finish that reverberates creating mesmerizing rainbow reflections.

Environment / Cardboard packaging, infinitely reusable. Less plastic, more sustainability.

Quality / Neve Cosmetics' famous formula and performance has not changed: it just got a new look.

Customizable professional palette with mirror.
Magnetic reusable color pan holder.
Dark blue with violet undertones.
Dark aubergine purple with warm undertones.
Warm grey with violet undertones. To intensify any makeup with style.
Electric blue with a satin sheen. Looks beautiful as an eyeliner.
Rich fuchsia purple with warm undertones.
Pale hazelnut with a satin sheen.
Delicate lavender purple, looks magnificent on dark eyes.
Pastel blue with cold undertones.
Pale platinum lime green.
Magic antique pink duochrome with pale green shimmers.
Completely matte old rose.
Very pale luminous turquoise.
Sophisticated and luminous shimmering cold gold/beige.
Warm pink duochrome with fuchsia shimmers.
Duochrome shade in a cold green pan with golden shimmers.
Extremely pale butter-colour with a satin sheen.
Shimmering silvery white.
Matte pale flamingo pink.
Cream-coloured illuminating powder with a satin sheen.
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