Azure Shadow brush

Flat eye brush with soft and porous bristles.

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Azure Shadow brush

Azure Shadow brush

Flat eye brush with soft and porous bristles.

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Flat eye Brush with soft and porous bristles, perfect for the eye makeup.
Its cat's tongue shape and the extremely porous bristles assure an even application and soft shades.
Cobalt blue, varnished wooden handle with a shiny finish, shiny black, polished metal ferrule, dual-colour bristles made from cruelty-free synthetic fibre.

Uses: any eye shadow product, concealers.

Application: face and eyes.
Vegetarian & Vegan: no animal nor animal derived ingredients.
Hair type synthetic.
Ferrule made of: Glossy lacquered aluminum.
Handle made of: Lacquered wood with a glossy finish.
Max. brush lenght: 17,00 cm.
Max. hair lenght: 1,10 cm.
Max. hair width at the base: 0,80 cm.
Max. handle width: 0,70 cm.
Cruelty-free: No animal has been used for the development and production of this item.

The secret for perfect blending and a beautiful skin? Cleaning the makeup brushes at least once a week. Our brushes do not need any specific cleanser, and can be easily washed using lukewarm water and mild soap.

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