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New Lash Academy Mascara

Lash Academy

Here’s Lash Academy: the most artistic mascara so far by Neve Cosmetics!

Made for eyelashes virtuosos, Lash Academy’s top features are:
The carbon black color from mineral pigments.
A smooth and easy-to-layer-up texture, for different levels of intensity.
Precision bristles to easily grab even the tiniest or outermost lashes.
A slender brush for lashes coated from root to tip, for an intense look even without eyeliner.
A slimmer, longer applicator that prevents those unfortunate black patches on the eyelid from happening.
An argan and grape seed oil enriched formula, a real treat for your lashes.
A petrolatum, paraben and silicone-free, 100% vegan formula.
A soft feel pack with an Art Nouveau look for that extra classy touch!

100% vegan, precision mascara.
12,50 €
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Shimmering silver natural eye biopencil.
Pure white eye biopencil with a matte finish.
Metallic pinky beige eyeliner kajal with a luminous shiny finish.
Illuminating cream-coloured eye biopencil with a satin finish.
Shiny coppery bronze eye biopencil.
Warm satin brown eye biopencil.
Medium brown eye biopencil with a rosy duochrome shade.
Delicate taupe brown with a shimmer finish.
Brown/dove grey eye biopencil with a matte finish.
5,80 €
Sold out
Sold out
Very dark neutral brown eye biopencil with a matte finish.
Very dark brown eye biopencil with a bronze satiny finish.
Deep black eye biopencil with a matte finish.
Dark violet eye biopencil with smokey undertones and a satin finish.
Intense, dark indigo violet with pink and orange glitter.
Intense cobalt blue eye biopencil, absolutely matte.
Dark blue eye biopencil with green undertones and sky-blue shimmers. 
Intense peacock green eye biopencil with a matte finish.
Military green eye biopencil with light bronze shimmers.
5,80 €
Sold out
Sold out
Sugar-paper blue with azure undertone.
Warm hazel brown with mustard undertone and matte finish.
Dark and lush emerald green.
The purest and most vivid cyan.
Leaden gray with green undertone.
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