single eyeshadow pans 

Matte dark imperial red.
Intense grey duochrome with bronze satin sheen.
Meadow green with a satin sheen.
Duochrome dark tobacco brown with green shimmers.
Dark purple duochrome with pink shimmers and auburn glitters.
Smokey grey-blue. The perfect cold neutral shade.
Dense, dark emerald green.
Elegant, bronzey army green.
Deep sea blue with green undertones.
Bright primary blue with a satin sheen.
Intense turquoise with a satin sheen.
Pale cerulean blue duochrome with light green shimmers.
Matte gray with taupe undertone.
Neon coral apricot shade with matte finish.
Metallic and magnetic burgundy.
Transparent highlighter with wisteria-colored shimmers.
Light and velvety sequoia redwood shade.
Evanescent pastel mauve shade.
Mineral silver shade with a subtle mauve undertone.
Desaturated deep brown shade with bronze reflects.
Nude peach shade with beige undertone.
Delicate milky shade with a matte finish.
Duochrome with clear base and gold, rose and peach highlights.
Duochrome with a hot pink base and neon lavender interferences.
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