Autumn Vibes look! 

Wish to replicate it? All the products used are on this video are listed below.

Warm velvety peach with hazel undertones.
12,90 €
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Transparent luminous powder with a subtle golden satin finish.
12,90 €
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Magical and alluring sparkling olive green with gold shimmers.
Shimmering, luminous gold with amber undertones.
The volumising mascara with a natural vegetarian formula.For eyelashes that are accentuated while also being healthy, nourished, and pampered! 
12,50 €
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Sold out
Warm hazel brown with mustard undertone and matte finish.
Mysterious pinkish rust brown.
5,80 €
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Sold out
Flat eye brush with soft and porous bristles.
The perfect tool for sculpting your features, creating perfectly blended and subtle shading.
11,90 €
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Thin, chisel eyeliner brush.
Stiff and compact brush for lining the eyes.
Versatile shading brush for face and eyes.
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