Gloss Neve Cosmetics Vernissage 

The transparent side of color.

Transparent purple with duochrome glitter shifting from fuchsia-coral to periwinkle blue. For stellar kisses!
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Transparent copper with duochrome glitter that turns from golden yellow to dark fuchsia.
10,50 €
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Opaque neutral nude natural gloss.
Transparent smoky garnet colored natural gloss.
Bright poppy red natural gloss.
Fuchsia with lilac hues natural gloss.
Delicate pastel peach natural gloss.
Nude bronze with golden hues natural gloss.
Transparent coral red natural gloss.
9,90 €
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Rosy warm cyclamen natural gloss.
Pinkish mauve with beige undertones natural gloss.
Clear natural gloss with light turquoise reflections.
9,90 €
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Rosy hazel with subtle mauve undertone.
Creamy and intense rosy cocoa brown.
Opaque ruby with beige undertone.
Light beige with hazel undertone.
Duochrome mustard-toned neutral nude gloss with a pink satin sheen.
Plum shade with a subtle beige gold iridescence. 
Warm orange-red color with red brick undertone.
Deep rosy orange-red with metallic reflects.
Burnished black to golden bronze duochrome lipstick-gloss.
Hot strawberry pink with coral undertone gloss.
Chewing-gum pink with a milky and smooth finish gloss.
Transparent rose gloss with a thousand golden shimmers.
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