Eyeliner Pencil 

Glance designers.

Sugar-paper blue with azure undertone.
Warm hazel brown with mustard undertone and matte finish.
Dark and lush emerald green.
The purest and most vivid cyan.
Leaden gray with green undertone.
Warm plum shade with purple red undertone.
Light matte aquamarine turquoise.
Extremely pale neon apricot.
Extremely pale opaque lilac.
Desaturated, neutral matte brown, the color of shadows on sand.
Vibrant and intense jungle green, matte finish.
Extra dark & deep ultramarine blue.
Intense bright lilac, matte finish.
Dark sepia on a tobacco green base. 
Intense sage green with matte finish.
Black duochrome with indigo satin.
The clearest shimmer platinum.
Bubbly periwinkle blue with silver white shimmers.
Deep cool purple with blue undertone.
Shimmery amber gold with brass undertone.
Neon orchid with magenta undertone and a slight periwinkle sheen.
Professional double pencil sharpener with a special sealed design.
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